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Strain Selection

The medications our growers select are chosen based on feedback, and for their genetics and their terpene profiles. Our commitment to our patients is to produce quality, organic medical cannabis, grown in soil without the use of chemicals.


Before being released your medication is thoroughly tested at an independent laboratory. This ensures that it passes our high quality standards.


Plants should be grown in soil using natural ingredients, with every stage of the process carried out by hand. From planting to packaging, production takes about five months. The ideal process replicates outdoor growing conditions in a controlled indoor environment, overseen by skilled and knowledgeable growers, and using only products from the ground and the ocean. Irradiation and cold pasteurization are not required to ensure that medication passes laboratory testing.

What Are Terpenes?

Whether you have experience of medicating using cannabis or are trying it for the first time, you may be interested to learn that there is more to cannabis than simply THC and CBD. While these are two important parts of the make-up of the plant, there are also over 100 different terpenes that give each strain its own unique characteristics.


Eight strains of organic medical marijuana are available to Solid Controls patients. We don't just sell marijuana—we facilitate a conversation about a product we’ve all heard about but haven’t met intimately yet. It is approachable and friendly, yet reliable and trusted. As marijuana laws liberalize around the world, Solid Controls will expand its position around the globe.



President and CEO

John Stovers, President and CEO of Solid Controls Inc., is a highly experienced horticulturist who has spent the past 30 years improving nursery production systems and greenhouse systems and growing quality seedlings in the field as bare-root and in containers. John is dedicated to providing pesticide-free, top-grade marijuana from contamination-free soil through strong quality assurance program.
“With years of experience owning and operating successful companies, I am passionate about producing and providing medicinal marijuana products to people with medical conditions. I am well versed with the indoor growing process and have a wide range of strong relationships with the horticultural industry.”

– John Stovers